Tuesday, January 29, 2013

22 things to live by...

A little note to my Luca bear (and human beings in general):

1. always say thank you, even if you felt entitled to it
2. look people in the eyes when you are speaking to one another
3. never judge someone, especially upon first encounter
4. hold the door for others
5. simply do not cry at work 
6. find love in everything, cause there truly is something to love about every one and every thing7. ladies, never be the last to leave
8. if it scares you, do it
9. be a good tipper
10. ask questions and when it's your turn to answer, be thorough.
11. have patience
12. know when to keep your mouth shut
13. know when to speak up
14. it's better to be dressed up than too casual
15. remember we are all in this together
16. if you get your heart broken, which you inevitably will, don't rush to get over the pain.
17. when all else fails, take a shower. you'll feel better
18. never trust a man with two first names
19. if you're deciding between a tie or a bow tie, go with the tie
20. have street walking and umbrella holding etiquette - you are not the only person on the planet
21. be honest
22. don't intentionally hurt anyone. we are all equal. it's true


  1. Wonderful advice - wise and witty. I'd love to see this in a small-book format - an all-ages book, like Remember the Night Rainbow.

    Thank you!


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