Sunday, January 27, 2013


my scandinavian home: A dining space with a personal touchbedroomcool....DIY Project: Copper + Branch Floor Lamp via @Design*SpongeLibera pendant light from Lucente. Aluminium sheets with a blown glass diffuser inside.Sanctuary: Paris quatre (merci)Etxekodeco: Un espléndido loft, muy "newyorker", en Barcelona...
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I've been known to have commitment issues. In order to make a purchase bigger than a skim chai latte at Starbucks it takes about three weeks and loss of sleep to make a decision.

Lighting has created such anxiety since I moved into my apartment in 2009. I have bought exactly two lights, one for Luca's room (which I got for a photo shoot) and the other an Ikea desk lamp which Tallulah broke weeks after I purchased it. Otherwise, I live in the dark. Not kidding.

I think 2013 needs to be about getting over my fears and committing to things. So I'm on the hunt, a great light for every room in my home...suggestions welcome. 

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  1. I was reading your post and thinking: this sounds to me, and this, and.....this and, in the end, I saw the link to my board in Pinterest!!!!
    So happy you liked and shared it =)))) Thanks a lot, Nicole

    And I'm also in the same commitment, so good luck and let's share ideas!!!!


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