Saturday, February 2, 2013


So insanely happy to come home to my bear child last night. A week away was pure pain but the return was so joyous it almost made it worth it. Almost.

I had so much time to think and read about parenting while I was gone. Time to reevaluate my own actions and Luca's temperament, as a result of how I treat him. I'm always concerned with him being kind, thoughtful and introspective. I want him to be a true gentleman. Always.

Well upon my arrival last night, I was greeted with cries of happiness, fast talking excitement and these endless kisses that filled my heart again. And then this morning the most amazing little thing happened, Luca brought me over to the window where a stack of gold bowls lay, within them were three little shells he and I had surely collected somewhere along the way. He pointed to them and said "I put them there bc I thought they looked pretty. And I wanted you to see them from the airplane so you would come home fast." suddenly all my parenting woes dissipated, in an instant.

I spent the day thinking about how challenging parenting is, but how truly successful it can be if you follow your gut. No one can lead these little ones to goodness better than a hands on mama.

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  1. awesome awesome awesome
    what a great story, and that does look pretty, so beautiful...


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