Tuesday, February 5, 2013

don't wait

reader email: I read your blog often and am writing to you because I think you might have the answer I need. My guy is great, but never buys me anything. My friends are all getting presents from their men, the nicest new bags, trips, shoes, and well my man isn't as flush so I feel bad asking but I'm also sick of feeling like everyone has more than me. I know this sounds selfish but I'm being hurt from it. How should I handle it? What would Nic do?

Honestly, I've seen this before, many times. And my advice is easy: buy it for yourself. You want flowers? Go to the store, buy them and make yourself happy. Don't wait for your man, he has enough to deal with. Be strong and independent and just love him for who he is. If he starts to make more money, I'm sure you will be the first thing he spends it on. In the meantime, don't compare yourself to anyone. Enjoy who and what you have. There's a saying I love: "some people are so poor, all they have is money." - think about it.


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  1. <3 this so much-- needed to be reminded! accept people for who they are, and where they are in their life-- that's a big one too.


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