Friday, February 1, 2013

pour deux


reader email: HELP! I've been dating this guy for months and finally he's taking me to a really nice spot to celebrate my promotion. So I need a date night look for this weekend. I need to look sexy without trying and want to wear a long dress but don't want to look too dressy or too casual with a blah maxi dress. Can you HELP ME? Oh and I wear glasses, argh.

YESSSSS, it's my true pleasure to help.
I love glasses and you are probably one of the few ladies who wear glasses these days because you actually need them (the rest of us are just dying for that sexy librarian look with faux specs each night). I'd go with something like this: A long sexy slip dress, silky, simple. If you need to wear a bra, do it with a really good lace one which can peek out. A heel, as high as you can go. Nothing clunky, just a pump. Keep the jewels to a minimum and don't bring a bag the size of your desk, smaller is better. I'd do hair down and wavy, not too precious, with a natural don't want to get a bright red lipstick all over the place, do you?  Most of all, your scent. I'm now really into Hermes Kelly Caleche - it's both fem and masculine, and dudes love that. Most of all, go with confidence and have fun. You've got this.

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