Friday, February 22, 2013


This week at work has been something similar to a constant visit to a therapist. 
It's incredibly rare to be on set with ALL girls, but 3 out of 4 days this week have been purely that. Then add all female dinners at night, now use your most feminine imagination as to what types of conversations have occurred in my life. 

The most interesting happened today when our model (i'll call her M for the sake of the story) was terribly upset about an email correspondence with a friend of hers. M's friend is going through a rough time, M wrote a super loving message to let her friend know she cared. The response from the friend, "keep me updated on your weekend plans." 

M is annoyed, confused, sad. And since, the conversation hasn't left this topic for over 4 hours now....

Is it a matter of manners? Is it a complete lack of confidence at the moment? Is it an expectation that comes along with friendship? What is it that causes people to fail miserably when all it would take is a  simple "thank you for your kindness"?

Thoughts on a friday...


  1. i've been there... and I have to say that in some cases... emails, texting... anything other than plain old talking or seeing the other person makes these situations so easy to misconstrue, confuse, etc. Who knows the tone of her answer, or how she's trying to make it through her day during a rough time. My personal experience has been, the more emotions involved, the better it is to talk, not text/email. <3

    1. Agreed. However friendship should be a give and take and no matter how hard of a time someone is having, you always say thanks when someone tries to pick you up. It takes a second to do.

    2. yes, give and take exactly. Maybe the next time M is in need, her friend will be there with the loving email, and not expect anything in return. Maybe her friend was deeply touched and wanted to thank her properly in person over the weekend. Who knows what goes on between friends. Communication is key because etiquette confusion is more the norm I'd say. ;)


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