Monday, February 25, 2013


Watching the Oscars last night made me realize how out of touch I tend to become due to motherhood. I literally haven't been to a movie theatre since I was 7 months pregnant. That was like 4 years ago, can you imagine?
I rarely, if ever, watch tv - Homeland, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are my only reasons to touch the on switch. But I fear this is all keeping me from having opinions, I literally had no thoughts on who should win last night. Other than the opinions I formed from reading critiques. So I'm forcing myself to start getting involved, film-wise that is.

Topping my list? Silver Linings Playbook, Amour and

I came across this list of movies and starting this week, I shall watch. I need opinions though, what do you suggest?


  1. "360" with Jude Law, Rachel Weisz and Anthony Hopkins... really nice intimate performances by such big stars, and then sort of the opposite, "Snow White..." with charlize theron. I thought she was really amazing and carried this movie. It wasn't a perfect movie but I think definitely worth seeing if you like this sort of fantasy movie. :)

  2. I was SO anti- Django (I don't mind action and shit getting blown up, but blood and guts, no thanks). Then I saw it and loved it SO SO SO SO SO SO SO much.

    Also, ask Melissa-- Beasts of the Southern Wild is so incredible and beautiful. I was bawling in the theater. Like, shoulders bouncing up and down crying.


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