Thursday, February 28, 2013

spell it out


<3 Fuck This Shit <3

Every so often I find myself writing notes to my friends, co-workers, family members.
Think about it, do it. Cause it only takes a moment to tell people how amazingly special they are...


"it's important we keep the toilet warm so our tushies are comfortable when we sit." -luca, this evening

heart ink

5 things...


(vía lifestyle | Sean Fennessy Photographer)

This week is weakening me. 
I need strength in the form of a big wave and clean air. Some love from the fresh earth. I need that. I really do.


I love my stomach. My abs, to be more precise.
And I hope I never forget this vanity, for as I get older, I find myself trying to recall what I once looked like and wishing I had been more thankful for what I once had.

A reminder to love the now.


A day with Jack.
Could he be any sweeter? Just like his mama Michelle and papa Adam.
I'm so excited to watch these two grow up together.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Adriana Lima by Vincent Peters for Spanish Vogue, June 2010
My dear friend got this message from her love, which she shared with me as tears flooded her eyes. It embodies gentlemanly kindness and made my heart swell. It takes a man to make a woman feel like a woman.

I do hope my child takes note and repeats such affection in life.

I am finding it harder than ever to leave you these days. Daylight comes and I find myself awake, just listening to your sweet breaths, watching you as the darkness turns to light. As my work day closes I just want to rush out to you. You have become my everything for that I am so happy. Why you chose me is a question I ask myself nonstop. I must have done something great to deserve this love with you. Thank you for the Starbursts yesterday, it's the litle things! But baby, I never need anything from you, not even candy! You are my beautiful candy and I love you baby. I heard this song today and was like, oh she'd dig this. I love thinking that way. And I love you. I need you to know this, always baby.


A sneak peek at a story I worked on today.

End of day

Came home to luca wearing my shorts over his clothes. I had to run errands with him looking like this...with his fireman jacket and helmet too.

Oh the perfection.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

beauty day

I've decided to break my beauty routine down recently. It's the mommy way. No time to get anything done? Just don't shower...or brush your hair...

So instead of skipping those vital morning activities, here are the 5 things that make my beauty regime work:

1. drink water and green drinks nonstop. I get less facials and have to tend to my skin a lot less when I drink more. I see a glow. which ultimately saves time on me stressing on how I look.

2. I used to spend hours at the gym, now I know how to work myself hard core in a short amount of time. That is the key. Classes changed my life - soul cycle, urban rebounding, hot yogas and Kangoo - they are more fun than my usual runs and work more muscles.

3. fake eyelashes. I swear, these changed my life. I wake up looking like a sex bomb.

4. I work out about 5 days a week which means I have to shower basically every day. but I save on time in the shower by only washing my hair 4 days a week. There are a lot of great dry shampoos which keep hair from being oily.

5. laser hair removal. there's nothing more time consuming than having to shave. My legs were a constant battle. But without having to deal with them daily, it's a life changer. I highly suggest it.

5 things...

banquette enfant I so want this gold chair from @HK_LivingonlinePeach Lemonademixing floralspink glorious pink <3
all images from pinterest

A bit of brightness on this dreary Tuesday. What a crazy week it's already been. Crazy fun, crazy busy, crazy overwhelming, crazy exciting.

A drink, or two, is definitely in order this evening. Cheers.

need: to shop consciously

I'm a big fan of H&M, it helps me keep my Queen of high/low status.

A few seasons ago when I learned about their conscious collection, I went bonkers (MG, that one's for you).

Now they're taking it one step further. Instead of letting tons (literally) of textiles end up in landfills, they are collecting any clothing you wish to donate - used, completely disheveled, brand new, whatever - at select stores. Any brand, any season, any condition...

In exchange for every bag you bring in, you'll receive $5 towards your next purchase.


Click here for an H&M store locator where you can drop off bags. Still curious? Learn more, here.

Monday, February 25, 2013

I'm starving

image and recipe from Minimally Invasive

I have events every night this week, but the moment I get home to my Bear, I plan to cook. With all the craziness with work and Luca's school applications, etc I just feel the need to take to the kitchen to create something I can control quite well.

This curried pumpkin soup is on the top of my list.


A few bits of a summer sailing through Greece, pre-Luca.
I remember this trip like it was last year. All still so fresh inside of me. Isn't it strange how memories can be like that? At times you barely recall a week ago, and other times four years past feels like a day ago.

Click below for more pictures from my trip.

a dose of sea

image from here

I spent a few hours yesterday at the beach. I wasn't in a bikini, I wasn't drenched in sunscreen, the sun wasn't even out. It was 40 degrees and there was snow on the ground. the sea was ferocious, the sand mixed with solid bits of ice. But the endless beat of the water coming to shore was all the same. And my heart was happy again.

However, I need more.


Watching the Oscars last night made me realize how out of touch I tend to become due to motherhood. I literally haven't been to a movie theatre since I was 7 months pregnant. That was like 4 years ago, can you imagine?
I rarely, if ever, watch tv - Homeland, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert are my only reasons to touch the on switch. But I fear this is all keeping me from having opinions, I literally had no thoughts on who should win last night. Other than the opinions I formed from reading critiques. So I'm forcing myself to start getting involved, film-wise that is.

Topping my list? Silver Linings Playbook, Amour and

I came across this list of movies and starting this week, I shall watch. I need opinions though, what do you suggest?

teeny tiny decor

ledansla**Twiggy & Lou

Working on a kids shoot and suddenly I'm an interior decorator for humans under 8 years old gone mad.

Oh how unrealistic designing decor can be, especially for mini ones. I'll be adding home things to A MINI PEEK all week, make sure to check it out for your little bunnies.

Oscars winners


Did you watch the Oscars?
What were your thoughts?

Above, my favorite looks of the night...opinions?
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